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ZXZYHFTY Steel Tongue Drum, 6 Inch 8 Note Steel Hand Drum with Bag, Music Book, Drumsticks, Mallet Holder and Finger Paddles, for Camping, Meditation or Yoga .(Navy Blue)

6inch 8tonecinnabar red
6inch 8toneObsidian silver
6inch 8tonenavy blue
6inch 8tonejade white
6inch 8toneblue
6inch 8toneVibrant Orange
6inch 8tonesun gold
6inch 8tonestone green
10inch 11tone pink
10inch 11tone navy blue
10inch 11tone stone green
10inch Bronze
10inch 11tone black
10inch 11tone cinnabar red
10inch 11tone gilt gold
14inch 15tone stone green
14inch 15tone bronze
14inch 15tone blue
14inch 15tone cinnabar red
14inch 15tone Obsidian sil
14inch 15tone Sun Gold
14inch 15tone orange
14inch 15tone jade white
"This was even better than it looks in the photo and sounds amazing - like Tibetan bells but cooler, the case is also good quality, not a cheap thin one. This will last a lifetime and then some." 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ J.Marland

✅Verified Buyer

Musician lovers often face difficult challenges between learning an instrument that is difficult and learning one for enjoyment - finding a balance between these two can be frustrating!

This is why we have designed our own Balmy Steel Tongue Drum for musicians both amateur and professional alike. For those that want to produce unique calming sounds while significantly decreasing stress levels.

<<< CHANGE THIS The 10 inch steel drum has a standard C tuning with 8 notes. The sound of different rhythms is produced by the circular vibration of the air and the drum body. The sound reverberates through the air and is longer lasting and more ethereal than the echoes of other instruments, leaving you with a feeling of relaxation and pleasure from within. >>> 





✅ FOR BOTH AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS: Our Steel Tongue Balmy Drum sounds exceptional. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your repertoire or an amateur looking to start, you'll be able to produce beautiful sounds with low-level effort that invoke deep meditative and peaceful states.  

✅ UNIQUE SOUNDS: The sounds of the Balmy Steel Tongue Drum are highly unique. Dating back thousands of years from central asia be sure to wow your friends and enhance your music collection. The Balmy Steel Tongue Drum can be played with your hands or for more precision, using mallets (included).

✅  REDUCE STRESS & ANXIETY: Incorporate the Steel tongue drum as part of your yoga routine, or make it part of your morning meditation. It has been proven that such frequencies cause a meditative state that reduces stress and anxiety.

✅ A BRILLIANT ORNAMENTAL PIECE: Enhance your living space, and develop your personality with this unique instrument as a display piece.

Musician lovers often face difficult challenges between learning an instrument that is difficult and learning one for enjoyment - finding a balance between these two can be frustrating!

No musical background is needed, you just have to follow your heart to explore, and its ethereal sounds can purify the mind and soul, and make you achieve inner peace.

  • Elastic cuff
  • Omnibearing rainproof design
  • Windproof
  • Warm
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight



1 x Tongue Drum
1 x Carry Bag
1 Pair Ebony Drumsticks
1 Pair Drum Stick Set
1 x Drumstick Pad
1 x Handmade Rattan
1 x Scale Sticker
1 x English Music Score
4 x Finger Cover

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Product information:
Product Category: TambourineMaterial: Carbon steel alloyColor: 6-inch 8-tone-stone green-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-vibrant orange-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-jade white-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-cinnabar red-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-obsidian silver -Flower stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-Sun gold-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-navy blue-stamen, 6-inch 8-tone-jade porcelain blue-flower stamen, [10 inch 11 tone] cinnabar red-Ruyi style, [10 inch 11 Tone] Stone Green-Ruyi Style, [10 Inch 11 Tone] Pink-Ruyi Style, [10 Inch 11 Tone] Gilt Gold-Ruyi Style, [10 Inch 11 Tone] Navy Blue-Ruyi Style, [10 Inch 11 Tone] Yao Ishi Black-Ruyi Style, [12 inch 13 Tone] Jade White-Flower Stamen, [12 inch 13 Tone] Cinnabar Red-Flower Stamen, [12 Inch 13 Tone] Obsidian Silver-Flower Stamen, [12 Inch 13 Tone] Sun Gold-Flower Stamen , [12 inch 13 tone] navy blue-flower stamen, [12 inch 13 tone] jade porcelain blue-flower stamen, [12 inch 13 tone] bronze-flower stamen, [12 inch 13 tone] stone green-flower stamen, [12 inch 13 tone 】Sky blue-flower stamen, [13 inch 15 tone] vermilion-maple leaf, [13 inch 15 tone] stone green-maple leaf, [13 inch 15 tone] obsidian-maple leaf, [13 inch 15 tone] pink-maple leaf Style, [13 inch 15 tone] navy blue-maple leaf style, [13 inch 15 tone] bronze-maple leaf style, [13 inch 15 tone] gilt-maple leaf style, [13 inch 15 tone] sky blue-maple leaf style, [13 Inch 15 Tone] Snow Clear Purple-Maple Leaf Style, [14 Inch 15 Tone] Stone Green-Flower Stamen, [14 Inch 15 Tone] Vibrant Orange-Flower Stamen, [14 Inch 15 Tone] Jade White-Flower Stamen, [14 Inch 15 Tone] Obsidian silver-flower stamen, [14 inches 15 tones] sun gold-flower stamen, [14 inches 15 tones] bronze-flower stamen, [14 inches 15 tones] jade porcelain blue-flower stamen, [14 inches 15 tones] cinnabar red-flower stamen, [Old second generation] wooden drum stand, [new upgrade third generation] wooden drum standPacking list: