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Pro Desk Pad™

Light green sky blue
Brown silver
Light blue silver
Grey silver
Black red
Pink light blue
Dark green grey
Pink rose red
Red yellow

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“This desk pad is beautiful! I bought the 'classic black  pad. At first, i was hesitant to buy thinking that the PU leather would smell - but no it doesn't smell at all.  The first day i got it my friend came over and commented on how nice it was - I'm more motivated than ever to keep and clean and tidy desk. I'm tempted to buy the Red and yellow now!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ P.Hart

✅Verified Buyer

Remote workers deal with many difficult challenges throughout their work day including the following: 

1. Their existing mouse pad moves frequently which is highly frustrating disrupting their workflow.

2. A monotonous office environment with a somewhat boring desk set-up showing zero personality.

3. Scratches on their desk caused by the existing desk pad they have. 

To prevent such things from happening, we've designed the Desk Pad for both home and office use. When designing we made sure to optimise the size of the desk mat coming in at 800x400mm. It will cover the majority of your desk without being too bulky - there is ample space for your laptop, phone, headphones, keyboard and then some.

⚡️ Reasons why our DOUBLE SIDED Office Desk Pad / Mat WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE


This Desk Pad helps your mood by being DOUBLE-SIDED. With 11 different variations, select a colour combination that reflects your style and personality. Bored of Pink? Simply turn the matt over to reveal the secondary colour, blue! - both sides are designed to work on.




As a home/office worker over time, dust can build up, and your desk can become disorganised - this subsequently can affect your mood and productivity.  Our well-designed Desk Pad will help you keep your house/office cleaner by preventing dust build-up.


Protect your workspace from coffee spills and scratches. Our Waterproof, non-slip Desk Pad will not leave scratches/marks on your desk.

For some work life can be stressful - a place to get away from. But others, they'll see it as a space to express their personality. Whatever you believe having an organised, beautiful-looking desk set-up can improve your mood and increase efficiency.


  • Material: leather (faux)
  • Single-sided double-sided: double-sided
  • Features: double-sided heterochromatic
  • Process: metal stamping
  • Size: 800*400 (mm)


[1] X Desk pad
[1] X Desk pad carrying strap

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