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Magnetic Phone Holder™

 I just bought this magnetic phone holder on my Xiaomi but it works with iPhone as well and I am extremely impressed with its functionality. My phone is stable, allowing me to check information and respond to messages without having to pick up my phone constantly. Simply WOW!I recommend to everyone who wants to increase productivity

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laura
✅Verified Buyer

Are you tired of constantly picking up your phone to check for notifications or messages while working on your laptop? Are you tired of missing important calls or messages because your phone is out of sight?

Introducing our Magnetic Phone Holder™ - the perfect solution to keep your phone visible and secure while you work. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly and safely attach your phone to your laptop without fear of dropping it. Plus, with your phone easily within reach, you'll never miss an important call or message again. Say goodbye to phone-related distractions and hello to enhanced productivity with our magnetic phone holder.



✅ VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: The holder is compatible with any type of android & ios phone making it a versatile solution for different work setups.

✅ CONVENIENT:Keep your phone easily accessible and within reach while working on your laptop, reducing the need for constant phone pickup and improving your productivity.


✅ IMPROVED POSTURE: Our holder's eye-level positioning reduces neck and eye strain caused by constantly looking down at your phone, helping you maintain better posture.



✅ ENHANCED SAFETY: With a strong magnetic attachment, your phone will remain securely in place on the side of your laptop, reducing the risk of drops or damage.

✅ COMPACT SIZE: Our holder's compact size takes up minimal desk space, making it a perfect fit for small work areas or when working on-the-go.



✅ EASY INSTALLATION: You can quickly and easily attach the magnetic phone holder to your laptop without any additional tools or hardware, simplifying your workspace setup.




  1. Locate the side of your laptop where you want to attach the holder.
  2. Peel off the adhesive backing from the holder.
  3. Place the holder onto the side of your laptop and press firmly to secure it.
  4. Remove the backing from the circular magnet provided with the holder.
  5. Stick the magnet to the back of your phone.
  6. Insert your phone into the holder's magnetic mount.
  7. Adjust the position of your phone as needed for optimal visibility.
  8. When finished, simply remove your phone from the holder's magnetic mount and detach the holder from your laptop if desired.



Imagine you're working from home, trying to keep up with your deadlines, but constantly struggling to find your phone amidst the piles of papers on your desk. Every time you need to make a call or reply to a message, you waste precious minutes rummaging through the clutter. Not only does it slow you down, but it also puts a strain on your neck and eyes as you look down at your phone repeatedly.

That's where our Magnetic Phone Holder™ comes in - it keeps your phone within reach, at eye level, reducing clutter and improving your posture. With our holder, you can streamline your work and stay focused on what matters most - getting things done.



Product material: Aluminium Alloy

Dimensions: 130x56x7mm



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